•  Choose job type – User can select On demand or Later Request
    • On demand jobs –These are Jobs that require immediate service and these jobs can be posted only if a provider in the same locality can provide the service (provided he is online/available)
    • Later request jobs – These jobs can be scheduled for a later date and time.
  • Choose category
  • Choose Sub Category
  • Fill job details – Enter below details and click next


  • Choose a request typeThere are 3 options to select service provider.

     – Select any provider and send direct request to that provider.

    – Send job to all the providers under the category.

    – Send job to providers who are nearby under the category.

  • If you select ‘Send nearby providers’ it sends jobs to providers in and around the location selected by user – job gets posted immediately


  • If you select ‘All providers’ it sends the job request to all providers – Job gets posted immediately


  • If you select ‘Select provider’ sends the job request to the provider of user’s choice

    Choose provider from the list of providers click ‘select and book’The following page appears after that- Job gets posted.

    User can chat with the provider or cancel the job request


  • Job gets posted – A “Later request” Job remains posted until a provider bids for it.

    An “On demand” job remains posted until a provider accepts it.

    Click on DASHBOARD

  •  Posted jobs – User can view all the jobs posted by him/her. User can view, edit or delete a posted job.

  • Once the posted job is bidded by a provider, the job is shown as bidded. Click on the view icon to view the bid.


  • User can choose to either accept/reject the bid. He can also chat with the provider


  • Once user accepts the bid, he can enter the final price of the bid and click accept.

  • Now the status of the job is “Assigned” ie. Assigned to provider. User has to wait for the provider to confirm.

  • Once the provider confirms, the status of the job request is changed to “Booked”


    The provider will then intimate whether he has started driving down to the location of the job request and the job status is changed to “Provider started”

    After the provider reaches the location, the job status is changed to “Ongoing”

    Once the provider has completed the service, the user is intimated to make payment. He can choose to pay either by cash/card.


  • After payment, the user can rate the provider; add comments and click on submit.

  • User receives invoice and job status is changed to “Finished”

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