We are using Twillio for SMS service. Use to verify user account, verify COD

  • Register and login to Twllio account
  • Create new project by clicking Drowndown in the top and select Create new project option or go to this link

  • Select Product tab and click on Programmable SMS, then click Continue button

  • Fill your app name and information, then so on
  • Select your project in the top. In the app dashboard, you will see ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN. Save it

  • In the left, click … and select Programmable SMS

  • Click Create new messaging Service button and Select Marketing – Outbound only then Click Create

  • After created, Select Numbers menu under Programmable SMS

  • Buy your number and store. The number is up to you. Look like +13232xxxxx
  • All information after completed
  • Phone numer +13232xxxxx
  • Sid AC2d9082f07ccead85c92…..

Auth token 9d18d7854a3a…………


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