Mobigen only has 2 participants – The Admin and the User

Admin – The site owner who will manage the content/accounts/products/users of the application.

Users – Who can register to purchase a product – Also can become a seller to post a product for sale

The business flow for a User is Simple – Users who register will be able search through the products to find a product that they need – Add a product to Cart – Make the purchase – Follow up on the order status

Users can become sellers by subscribing to any package that admin sets – Say monthly $x/$y/$z – Only on subscribing user can become a seller to upload products to sell

Users can also make their products featured by subscribing to any featured products package – $x/$y/$z

User-User can chat

Seller can update Order status post order

User/Seller Review

Are these are other features of the application. This is the basic business flow of Mobigen

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