If a customer needs a plumber, carpenter, cleaner, etc. he/she will post a new job answering questions under each services /categories listed with location. This job is sent to providers who provide that particular service.

Providers bid on the job using their credits and accept the job on user selecting their bid. Once the user confirms, the providers go to the user’s location, do the job and get paid.

When a user posts a job requirement – providers can bid on the job – let’s say “A” says he will do it for $10, “B” says he will do it for $8. User can view those bids; choose the best one and assign the project to them. Providers will do the service and get paid.

There are two ways to request a service – ON demand Request (Like Uber) , Bidding request (Like Freelancer)

What are the three main roles in Gentask application? 

Users – A person who is looking for a service – Example – User XYZ wants to get a cleaning service, maid service – he can post a job, the service providers can bid on this job and he can pick any, job assigned and once the work is completed – the payment is done.


Service Provider – Skilled labour who signs up with the skill set he is specialized in (example – House cleaning, Painting, Plumbing and Electrician etc. ) – After he signs up , he will input his skill set. Based on this – he will get notification of new job posted in such categories. He can bid on the task, if the user picks him – he shows up at the time and date mentioned on the task – completes the task and gets paid.


Business owner (who runs the business) – He can manage his business from the admin panel – check the admin panel features below. He can manage all the reports; see the list of providers, list of users, transactions details, orders, etc. He can setup his payment gateway details, manage the reviews and ratings of all the orders, add static pages like terms and conditions, privacy policy, Manage categories and sub-categories of his niche service marketplace business. etc.

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