In Gencart there are 3 participants – Admin , User and Shopper

Admin – Manages the Content/Accounts/Users/Stores/Products of the website. Admin can create multiple stores and add products under each store. When there is an order form a user, Admin would look into the order delivery location and would assign any shopper/delivery executive against the order. On successful delivery , the order will be marked as delivered by the admin. All payments that user makes would come to admin. Admin will take his commission and pay the offline store owners their share

User – User can register with his Zip code to see the stores and products available in his location. With the displayed products/Store m user can add any product to cart and get them delivered to his/her address

Shopper – Shopper would register with his Zip code. When there is an order admin will manually assign the order to Shopper. This will be notified to shopper in his/her dashboard for him/her to collect the products from local store and deliver it to the concerned address

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