• Select your app in the top (You can see Genstore dropdown). Then click menu icon, Select Apis & services > Credentials

  • Click Create credentials > OAuth client ID

  • Select web application. If you want restrict your API key, please fill info under Restrictions. Then click create

  • After that copy your API key and Secret

  • API looks like
  • Google client ID 9464633153….247.apps.googleusercontent.com


  • Google map API (for location tracking)


  • See point #7 for Google login. But select API key in the credentials

  • Click dashboard and click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES

  • Find and select Places API

  • Click ENABLE


  • Back to dashboard and select Geocoding API and Enable it

  • Back to Credentials dashboard and copy API key

  • API looks like
  • API key AIzaSyDGBeXG1vkFY6ue4_HsHXDk-kzzoUNS-V

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