1. Signup
  2. Select pickup and drop location
  3. GPS, to find the current location
  4. Select the service (Pool, Go, etc)
  5. Select the mode of payment
  6. Add multiple cards
  7. See the trip history
  8. Call the driver after booking
  9. Chat with the driver after booking
  10. Edit profile
  11. Change password


  1. Signup
  2. Enter vehicle number
  3. Select the service (Pool, Go, etc)
  4. View the stats like Earnings on that particular day, total earnings, total trips on that day, total trips, Total balance to be paid by the admin, trip history on the dashboard
  5. GPS, to find the current location
  6. Edit profile
  7. Choose services he can provide
  8. Change password


  1. Dashboard to view the user and driver stats, earning stats
  2. User list (View and Create)
  3. Provider list (View and Create)
  4. Service types (View and Create)
  5. Track requests
  6. View and delete user and provider ratings and reviews
  7. View the revenue earned
  8. Different settings like site settings, payment settings, Email settings, Social and App settings, Analytics settings
  9. Add and View the list of Documents
  10. Create and view static pages
  11. Edit profile

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