User Dashboard

  • View products, shops, shop owner details
  • Order products with various payment methods like a credit card, POD and Paypal
  • View the shop details 
  • Message to shop owner
  • Facebook chatbot

Seller Dashboard

  • Stats on the dashboard
  • Create Product
  • List product
  • Order list
  • Refund request list
  • Create coupon
  • See the list of coupons
  • List of messages by the users to the seller
  • List of payout requests made by the seller to the admin
  • Create a new request to the payout 
  • See the list of payout accounts
  • Create a payout account
  • Buy the featured package 
  • See the payment history for the package
  • Upgrade the package
  • Profile update
  • Basic info of the shop, social info, shipping info, setting up the shipping price, Bank info, See the reviews from a user, Enter the social media links of the shop.

Admin Dashboard

  • Stats on the dashboard
  • Create / List users
  • Create / List shops
  • Create / List Products
  • Create / List categories
  • List orders
  • Refund list
  • Create / List banner
  • Static page management
  • Newsletter management
  • List complaints
  • Payout request, update status
  • Sales report
  • Site settings, update logo, favicon, Update site language
  • Update the payment method

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