GenCart is an automated script and needs very little manual setup to get it up and running. Follow this step-by-step installation guide to run the entire script on your localhost

Prerequisites for Installation :

We have to set up specific plugins and softwares for the localhost(local machine) to run a secure web script. NOTE: The installation process of these plugins will differ with each OS, hence follow the site instructions from the given link.




    1. Here is the link to download XAMPP for your system


Localhost installation Procedure

STEP 1:Download the GenCart package. (The package listed with this Installation procedure)

STEP 2: Launch the XAMPP control panel from the system and start APACHE and MySQL as the below screenshot

STEP 3: Open a web browser (We suggest using Google Chrome) and type in the URL “localhost/XAMPP” and press enter to navigate to XAMPP web panel as given in the below screenshot

STEP 4: Look through the left pane for the option ‘phpMyAdmin’ and click on it to open the phpMyAdmin Panel

STEP 5: Click on the “Databases” tab, enter a desired database name(Remember this database name) in the “create database” field and click on create database to create an empty database as shown in the screenshot

STEP 6:Click on the “Import” tab and click on “choose file” button. Now, locate the “.sql” database file inside the DB folder from the downloaded package and import it into the empty database.

STEP 7: Copy the entire script folder and paste it inside this directory “C:/xampp/htdocs

STEP 8: Open the database.php file at “C:/xampp/htdocs/gencart/app/config/” and find the following piece of code in the attached screenshot and replace the default info in the screenshot with the following code.

Change the following detials

Host => “Give database host name”

Database => “Give database name “

Username => “ Give database username “

Password => “Give database password”


STEP 9:  Give 777 permission to following folders

Sudo chmod  -R 777 app/storage

Sudo chmod – R 777 uploads


Once you complete all the above steps. You are good to go.

Now you can use gencart by opening up “http://localhost/gencart” in your browser.

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