Select super market

  • Click on the supermarket drop down to view all the super markets.
  • Select a supermarket of your choice to view products available in that super market

Select Department

  • Once a supermarket is selected, user can select the department he/she wants to buy from
  • All products under that department will be displayed

Select products (Once a supermarket is chosen, user can view products under that supermarket. The next step is to add products to buy)

  • Add to cart – Click on add to cart button
  • Click on product to view more details, select quantity and add to cart

  • Add to favourites by clicking on the heart symbol

Click on view cart to view all the products added to cart

In view cart, user can view the name of the selected supermarket, the number of products being ordered from that supermarket, the minimum order amount of that supermarket and if minimum order amount is reached.

Select required quantities

  • User can
    • Select required quantity of product
    • Delete a product from cart
    • View the total order amount and checkout
  • Note: Reducing quantity to 0 deletes a product from the cart

Add coupon code if any

After coupon code is applied, the discount reflects in the checkout amount

Check out if minimum amount reached. User can check out only after minimum order amount is reached. Click on Check out now.

Select delivery address and click on deliver here

Payment – User should click on pay with this card to make payment

Payment verification page appears

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